Keynes LT4

Symposium 4 (invited): Neglected animals

Chair:  Daniela Waldhorn (Rethink Priorities)

1. Animal welfare: Making a greater difference in helping farmed animals.
Speaker: Daniela Waldhorn (Rethink Priorities)
Authors: Daniela Waldhorn

2. Development of an attitudes scale towards wild animal welfare
Speaker: Willem Sleegers (Rethink Priorities)
Authors: Willem Sleegers, David Moss, David Reinstein, William McAullife

3. Psychological barriers to a rodenticide-free world
Speaker: Hannah McKay (Rethink Priorities)
Authors: William McAuliffe, Hannah McKay, Holly Elmore

Keynes LT2

Virtual Session 1: Meat reduction

Chair:  Stefan Leach (University of Kent)

1. Resolving the masculinity dilemma: Identifying subtypes of male meat consumers with latent profile analysis
Speaker: Lauren Camilleri (Victoria University)
Authors: Lauren Camilleri, Peter R. Gill, Jessica Scarfo, Andrew Jag

2. A prejudice-based speciesism intervention: Reducing people’s speciesist attitudes and hurtful behaviours toward animals
Speaker: Marielle Stel (University of Twente)
Authors: Marielle Stel, Aiko Unterweger

3. Effect of masculine evaluation on the willingness to eat meat in a Chinese male sample
Speaker: Qirui Tian (Shandong Normal University)
Authors: Qirui Tian

Keynes LT4

Session 4: Perceptions of animals and meat consumption: The role of identification and moral factors

Chair: Jared Piazza (Lancaster University)

1. Choosing empathy for animals: A motivational account
Speaker: C. Daryl Cameron (Penn State University for Cameron)
Authors: C. Daryl Cameron, Janet K. Swim, Michael Lengieza, Eliana Hadjiandreou, Joseph Guerriero, Robert Chiles

2. Social identification with animals: Testing its implications for attitudes towards nature, intergroup relations, and human well-being
Speaker: Catherine Amiot (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Authors: Catherine E. Amiot, Christophe Gagné, Brock Bastian

3. ‘Meat conflicts’ livestock farmers face: Navigating animal attachments and emerging animal-product alternatives
Speaker: Jared Piazza (University of Lancaster)
Authors: Jared Piazza

4. Heroes and Villains: Message Frames, Gender and Eating Identity as Predictors of Meat Reduction Intentions
Speaker: Abigail Couture (University of Edinburgh)
Authors: Abigail Couture, Steve Loughnan

Keynes LT2

Session 5: Meat alternatives

Chair:  Josh Milburn (Loughborough University)

1. Meat analogs and the premium for moral disengagement in meat
Speaker: Attila Pohlmann (Universidad San Francisco de Quito)
Authors: Attila Pohlmann

2. Selling competitive plant-based meat might not be enough
Speaker: Jacob Peacock (Rethink Priorities)
Authors: Jacob Peacock

3. Animal representation in the commercial advertising of meat alternatives
Speaker: Elena Bossini (University of Sassari)
Authors: Elena Bossini, Fabio Bacchini

4. Can we have our cow and eat her too?
Speaker: Josh Milburn (Loughborough University)
Authors: Josh Milburn


Break – Coffee/Tea

Keynes LT1

Keynote 2. Swimming in sentience: A deep dive into the inner lives of fish

Ryuji Chua


Lunch Break and Poster Session 1

Sponsored by ProVeg International

Keynes LT4

Symposium 5: Veg*n diet and mental health

Chair:  Chris Hopwood (University of Zurich)

1. Attitudes toward vegetarians and vegetarians’ perceptions of their treatment by others
Speaker: Catherine A. Forestell (College of William & Mary)
Authors: Catherine A. Forestell, Harini Krishnamurti, Joanna Tomczyk, Marzena Cypryanska, John B. Nezlek

2. Perceived treatment by others as a function of diet is related to the well-being of vegetarians
Speaker: John B. Nezlek (College of William & Mary)
Authors: John B. Nezlek, Catherine A. Forestell, Marzena Cypryanska, Joanna Tomczyk

3. Meta-analysis of personality traits and vegetarian diet
Speaker: Marina E. Reist (University of Zurich)
Authors: Marina E. Reist

4. Vystopia: The distress of being vegetarian in an omnivorous world
Speaker: Maxim Trenkenschuh (Fern University)
Authors: Maxim Trenkenschuh, Renja Fischer

5. Cognitive dissonance as a potential explanation for the link between depression and vegetarian diet
Speaker: Christopher J. Hopwood (University of Zurich)
Authors: Christopher J. Hopwood

Keynes LT2

Session 6: Advocacy, law & stakeholders

Chair:  Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)

1. Mapping the animal industrial complex lobbying in Spain: Three paradigmatic coalitions
Speaker: Laura Fernández (University of Barcelona)
Authors: Laura Fernández, Núria Almiron, Estela Díaz-Carmona and Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo

2. Lobbying against compassion: The “defense” of bullfighting in Spain
Speaker: Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Authors: Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo

3. Unlocking Chinese perceptions of animals and animal advocacy
Speaker: Jah Ying Chung (University of Sydney)
Authors: Jah Ying Chung, Jack Stennett

4. Monitoring, evaluation & learning at ProVeg – A practical application of behavioural science research in helping to reduce the global consumption of animals
Speaker: Susann Schmiedgen (ProVeg International)
Authors: Susann Schmiedgen

5. Interest groups, discourse and food orientations. The case of the european dairy industry
Speaker: Maria Ruiz Carreras (Lund University)
Authors: Maria Ruiz Carreras

Keynes LT4

Symposium 6 (invited): Intersecting identities: Navigating consumption, environmental activism, and species prioritization

Chair:  Kathryn Francis (Keele University)

1. Activist Alchemists: Uniting Scientist Identity and Climate Advocacy
Speaker: Samuel Finnerty  (Lancaster University)
Authors: Samuel Finnerty

2.“It’s an arbitrary line between living beings”: Investigating the centre and testing the boundaries of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian identities
Speaker: Annayah Prosser (University of Bath)
Authors: Annayah Prosser

3. A Willingness-to-Accept Measure of the Valuation of Farm Animal Welfare
Speaker: Dennis Powers (Mercy For Animals)
Authors: Dennis Powers and Jerrod Penn

4. One pig for five humans? How dietary identities and motivations predict prioritisation of humans over animals. 
Speaker: Kathryn Francis (Keele University)
Authors: Kathryn Francis

Virtual / Keynes LT2

Virtual Session 2: Working in the animal care and advocacy sector

Chair:  Stefan Leach (University of Kent)

1. Record, recall, reflect: A qualitative examination of compassion fatigue in Toronto zoo staff
Speaker: Krischanda Bemister (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Authors: Krischanda Bemister

2. The complex moral challenges to multispecies justice and sustainable biodiversity
Speaker: Michaela Weiffenbach (The University of Johannesburg)
Authors: Michaela Weiffenbach

3. Animal rights, veganism and Latin America: How different campaigns have impacted the public opinion
Speaker: Ignacia Uribe (Fundación Vegetarianos Hoy)
Authors: Ignacia Uribe, Cristian Apiolaza


Break- Coffee/Tea

Keynes LT1 

Symposium 7 (invited): Collaborative research: A win/win for academics and advocates

Mercy For Animals
Speaker 1: Mamta Jain Valderrama
Speaker 2: Andie Thompkins
Speaker 3: Michael Johnston

19:00-21:00 Networking reception in the city centre!
Location: ABode Hotel

Address: 30-33 High Street, Canterbury CT1 2RX
Sponsored by Mercy For Animals

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