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Symposium 8: Resistance to vegans

Chair:  Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)

1. Ideological resistance to vegans: An identity-based motivational account
Speaker: Ben De Groeve (Ghent University)
Authors: Ben De Groeve, Brent Bleys , Liselot Hudders

2. Stereotyping plant-based eaters: How are they seen and by whom?
Speaker: Mia Silfver (University of Helsinki)
Authors: Mia Silfver, Mari Niva, Laura Salmivaara , Annukka Vainio

3. The role of family and friends on becoming or not veg*n, from childhood to adulthood, in China
Speaker: Leyla De Amicis (University of Glasgow)
Authors: Leyla De Amicis, Zhongxing Wang

4. The social-psychological profiles of self-identified anti-vegans
Speaker: Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)
Authors: Rebecca Gregson, Jared Piazza, Ryan L. Boyd, Heather Shaw

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Symposium 9: New perspectives on speciesism

Chairs:  Kristof Dhont (University of Kent) and Maria Ioannidou (University of Bradford)

1. The moral psychological differences between vegetarians and vegans
Speaker: Kristof Dhont (University of Kent)
Authors: Kristof Dhont, Maria Ioannidou

2. The denial of mind and moral status of dairy cows: The combined effects of animal suffering and speciesism
Speaker: Maria Ioannidou (University of Bradford)
Authors: Maria Ioannidou, Kathryn Francis, Valerie Lesk, Barbara Stewart Knox

3. The role of speciesism and social norms in children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ moral evaluation of meat-eating
Speaker: Luke McGuire and Alexander Carter (University of Exeter):
Authors: Alexander Carter, Emma Fry, Nadira Faber & Luke McGuire

4. Non-speciesist language conveys moral commitments to animals and evokes do-gooder derogation
Speaker: Stefan Leach (University of Kent)
Authors: Stefan Leach, Kristof Dhont

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Session 7: Meat reduction interventions

Chair:  Chris Hopwood (University of Zurich)

1. When arguing against the consumption of animals, should we talk about animal rights, the environment, or human health?
Speaker: Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza (Kingston University)
Authors: Luiz Gustavo Silva Souza , Emma O’Dwyer

2. Evaluating the effectiveness of vegetarian appeals in daily life: Comparing positive and negative imagery, and gauging differential responses
Speaker: Nicholas Tan (The University of Melbourne)
Authors: Nicholas P Tan, Brock B Bastian, Luke D Smillie

3. Brain-training for meat reduction: Response inhibition combined with disgust-based evaluative conditioning reduces meat liking and choice
Speaker: Sophie Hearn (University of Exeter)
Authors: Sophie Hearn, Natalia Lawrence, Elisa Becker

4. Effects of self-affirmation on the openness to meat reduction and alternative protein sources
Speaker: Marija Branković (University of Belgrade)
Authors: Marija Branković, Anastasija Budžak, Nađa Tulić, Jovana Janković


Lunch Break and Poster Session 2

Sponsored by Mercy For Animals

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Keynote 3. Humans & other animals: Where did we go wrong?

Seb Alex (Middle East Vegan Society)

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Session 8: Animal Advocacy: Looking back and moving forward

Chair: Maria Ioannidou (University of Bradford)

1. 10 vegan things I changed my mind about in 20 years of activism
Speaker: Tobias Leenaert (ProVeg International)

2. Measuring the effectiveness of nonviolent grassroots activism: The devil is in the details
Speaker: Courtney Dillard (Mercy for Animals)


Break- Coffee/Tea

Keynes LT4

Panel: A roadmap for collaboration between scientists and animal advocates

1.     Chris Hopwood (University of Zurich)
2.     Andie Thompkins (Mercy For Animals)
3.     Courtney Dillard (Mercy For Animals)
4.     Andrea Polanco (Faunalytics)
5.     Chris Bryant (Bryant Research)
6.     Maria Ioannidou (University of Bradford)

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Closing remarks

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