Where will the Year in Computing be taught?

The programme will be run on the Canterbury campus. Medway students would need to move to, or commute to, Canterbury for the year.

What are the contact hours for the Year in Computing?

This timetable shows what the first cohort of Year in Computing students were taught and when. Please note, the timetable is provided for illustration only. The timetable in any particular year may vary.

What is the curriculum?

Autumn Term

Spring Term

An Introduction to Computer Systems:

From the desktop to the global Internet. (15 credits)

 Solving Problems with Data:

Collecting, analysing and portraying data from specific domains, businesses, and the world. (15 credits)

 HCI and the User Experience (UX):

Designing information and applications for their users and their purpose (15 credits)

 Web Development:

Building and managing large scale, dynamic, web applications. (15 credits)

An Introduction to Web Technologies and Programming:

  • Presenting information (HTML and CSS)
  • A general introduction to programming, through coding in Javascript
  • Storing information (databases and SQL).
  • Dynamically generating content for web pages from stored data (PHP). (30 credits)


Putting what you’ve learnt into practice in a larger piece of work, perhaps related to your home discipline. (30 credits)

How is the course assessed?

Except for the project, modules on the Year in Computing are assessed by a mixture of coursework and unseen examinations. Coursework is typically practical in nature, with deadlines spaced throughout the module.

Would I gain the same knowlege on a Master’s course as on the Year in Computing?

You can study for a conversion Master’s in Computer Science if you have a good degree in another subject and neither this Master’s nor the Year in Computing assumes any prior knowledge of computing. However the content of the two programmes and the way they are funded are quite different. Both of these programmes will equip you for a tech-based career. It is important that you consider which is the most appropriate for you