Programme Structure

The Year in Data Analytics includes seven modules specifically designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to collate and analyse different datasets and communicate your findings.

The programme is comprised of 100% coursework across the following modules:

1. MA5951 An Introduction to Data Analytics
This Module will give you the fundamentals of what data analytics means in the real world. You will be introduced to core statistical techniques and data handling using specialist statistical software.

2. MA5952 Understanding and Synthesising Research
This module will give you the knowledge and skills required to interpret the results of quantitative research, and to synthesise the diversity of findings on a particular issue.

3. MA5953 Creating Your Own Data
This module will further develop your statistical skills and ability to conduct research. You will gain an understanding of how information sources such as opinion polls, research data, social media posts and administrative data are created, and you will be able to create these information sources independently.

4. MA5955 Predictive Modelling
This module builds on the knowledge gained through studying MA5951, introducing you to new statistical models. You’ll learn how to make predictions about the future based on past data using a variety of modelling methods.

5. MA5956 Big Data and Other Analytical Techniques
This module focuses on Big Data and text mining. You will discover the techniques used to explore large datasets, as well as gain key data mining skills.

6. MA5954 Communicating and Presenting Results
During this final taught module you will learn about the different methods for conveying your data findings, and how to tailor your communication style to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

7. MA5957 Year in Data Analytics Project
This module gives you the opportunity to put into practice everything you have learnt over the year. You will work independently to collate and analyse data relating to your chosen project, communicating your findings through a dissertation. A member of staff will support you throughout your project.


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