About the Year in Data Analytics

The Year in Data Analytics is a one-year, self-contained programme which offers you a unique opportunity to develop key analytical and specialist data science skills, ready for your future career.


Why should I add a Year in Data Analytics to my degree?

Data plays a significant role in today’s world, from predicting your shopping habits and personalising your social media feeds, to determining your eligibility to buy a home and influencing our accessibility to healthcare, social care and much more.

Knowing how to understand different datasets is a key skill employers are looking for and demonstrating your knowledge and skills can open many doors for you in your chosen career.


What skills will I gain from studying the Year in Data Analytics?

The skills you will gain from studying the Year in Data Analytics include:

Data collection and handling
You will gain an understanding of the available sources of data and how to manipulate them.

  • Design
    You will learn how to specify, design and construct appropriate analytical frameworks.
  • Data analysis and implementation
    You will develop an awareness of how to implement data analysis methods and tools, and how to assess them in terms of suitability, assumptions and accessibility within a given problem.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
    You will develop critical and analytical approaches to solve real-world and current problems.
  • Communication
    You will have the opportunity to present technical problems and communicate their solutions to a range of audiences, enhancing your written and oral communication skills.
  • Collaboration and team work
    You will work in groups to complete tasks, assessments and projects.


How does the Year in Data Analytics fit into my degree?

The Year in Data Analytics can be taken either in between Stage 2 and Stage 3 or at the end of Stage 3.

When studying the Year in Data Analytics, you will primarily be taught within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) with some modules taught by the School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research (SSPSSR). Upon completion of the year, you will return to your home School where you will complete your registered degree.

Successful completion of both the Year in Data Analytics and your registered degree will allow you to graduate with your current degree title augmented with the words ‘with a Year in Data Analytics’.


Who can study the Year in Data Analytics?

The Year in Data Analytics is open to undergraduate students at the University of Kent who are currently in Stage 2 or Stage 3 of their degree programme.

Applicants will need to have achieved grade B or above in GCSE Mathematics (or equivalent) and an average of over 50% in Stage 1 of their current degree programme.

Students from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science and the School of Psychology are not eligible to take the Year in Data Analytics.



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