Site Editor updates – 17 March

Here are some of the new features that you may find useful from our recent publish:

Affiliate logo panel

The Affiliate logo blog now has a swiper option. This creates a carousel which helps present a lot of logos in a nice way. It’s also useful on mobile which enables you to swipe through them easily.


Video card panel

We’ve updated the video card panel style in line with other cards panels and have included the option for card background colours.


Text panels with side content

You can now add a background colour to a Text panel with side content


Video feature icon option for standard image cards

You can add a feature video icon to a card to show that the story it links to has a featured video.

News and events panels on school sites

The card style has been updated and the layout aligns better with the width of the page. You can also choose a background colour, set the number of news items you’d like to show and hide the load more button if you want.

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