Site Editor Updates – 9 December

Image Group Panel. Site Editor error display.

In our latest release we’re adding our usual minor website fixes and tweaks, along with two key new features: a new version of the Image Group Panel, and better display of page errors in Site Editor.

Image Group Panel

The Image Group Panel is an existing block (it’s currently called ‘Image panel group’). It lets you combine a small amount of text and call-to-action buttons with four images.

The original Image Group Panel let you have some text with an optional button, and four images.



The new version gives you a bit more choice:

  • a range of different background colours, consistent with other feature-type panels
  • 2, 3 or 4 images
  • an option for a thinner arrangement of images
  • options for centred or left-aligned text

In addition the new panel can be used at the top of a page to give a bit of a different feel and visual interest to a page.

You can read more about Image Group Panels on our block example page.


The new version of the block lets you alter the number and layout of images, choose background colours, and change the alignment of the text.


Page error display

We recently updated the block sidebar to show all the fields collapsed down into field groups. A side effect of this was that any errors were now hidden inside the collapsed sections. You could only see them by opening up all the sections.

To fix this we’ve introduced sections coloured red to make it clearer where the errors are. When you click on an error notification, you jump straight to the field with the error as before.


Field groups are highlighted in red where there’s a problem.



We’ve also added a red dotted border round each block in the editor which has an error, to make it clearer roughly where the errors are in a page.


Blocks which have errors in them now have a dotted red border round them, so it’s easier finding where problems are in a page.

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