School pilot update – page types and content guidelines

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We’re developing page types and guidelines for Site Editor (a new system we’re working on to make it easy to create online content using our new web theme) as part of the School pilot project.

Our first school pilot site, Sports and Exercise Sciences, goes live on the 18th September (preview the site here internally). We’ve used the process of creating this site to help us develop the page types.

Page types

These are the different page types in development. They are still being refined and tested.

Content guidelines using Site Editor

We’re also developing a support section for using the new templates with Site Editor.

This is all work in progress, but you can preview the concept here (internal only).

It will mostly have a content focus to help you create user-centred, accessible content when using Site Editor.

We’ll still continue using the Chronos support guidelines as most of us use the old web template and will do for some time to come.

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