PAsSA Trial funded by NIHR

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The PAsSA trial is a research project looking at the effectiveness of group CBT for people with Asperger syndrome and anxiety.  The project is funded by NIHR and headed by Dr Peter Langdon at UEA.  Dr Langdon is coordinating the four CBT groups running in Norfolk with Prof Glynis Murphy coordinating four CBT groups (each of 21 sessions) in Kent and South East London.  Two of these groups have run at the Tizard Centre in the evenings to fit in with participants’ working lives.  The first one finished late last year.  The second, led by Glynis Murphy and Nicky Wood, finished recently concluding with a trip to the Gulbenkian Theatre and some refreshments.  Of the two South East London groups, coordinated by Prof Murphy, one finished earlier this year and one is still running.  All partcipants will be reassessed as their groups finish so it can be seen if the treatment has been effective.

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