‘Stand by Me’ campaign against hate crime.

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Too often people with a learning disability become the victims of crime because of their disability. Mencap are working with other organisations to help people understand more about hate crime and how to stop it. They constantly receive reports from around the country of people who are verbally abused, physically attacked, raped and murdered.  In fact as many as 9 out of 10 people with a learning disability have been a victim of hate crime and bullying. 
Disability hate crime is a serious offence and if the courts recognise that  a person was targeted because of their disability they can impose a heavier sentence.  However in many cases police, courts, local councils and other organisations fail to do enough to protect people who experience daily harassment and abuse.
The Stand by Me campaign is asking people to take part in a consultation paper looking at extending the law to offer increased protection to vulnerable groups. 
The deadline for responses is September 27th 2013. 


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