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The Reasoner Volume 17, Number 6, November 2023  –  acrobat

FEATURES: Focussed issue on The Handbook of Rationality

– Guest Editorial / Wolfgang Spohn and Markus Knauff
– Finding your way through The Handbook of Rationality / Sunny Khemlani
– “If the weather is nice, we’ll go hiking” — Supposition and difference-making / Hans Rott
– Independence and rationality / David Over
– Plausibility and ranking theory for modelling commonsense reasoning / Gabriele Kern-Isberner
– More than just micro-level assumptions: Rational choice theory as a tool for social science / Werner Raub

– BRIO: From topology to a logic of uncertainty / Greta Coraglia

– Formal Modeling of Ignorance, Urbino 7-8 September / Pierluigi Graziani and Stefano Bonzio