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The Reasoner Volume 16, Number 4, June 2022  –  acrobat


FEATURES: Focus on The History of Logical Reasoning

– Introducing The History of Logical Reasoning / Irene Binini
– Theories of Reasoning from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Arabic Tradition: the Syllogistic Arts / Silvia Di Vincenzo
– 13th-14th Century Theories of Inference / Jacob Archambault
– The Principle of Explosion in the Twelfth Century: Friends and Enemies / Enrico Donato
– Medieval Women Reasoners: On Dialectics / Georgina Rabassó
– Reasoning in the Margin: The Processing of Knowledge in the Medieval Manuscript / Mariken Teeuwen
Ecthesis, Constructions and Existential Instantiation. A Kantian Tale / Costanza Larese