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The Reasoner Volume 17, Number 3, May 2023  –  acrobat

GUEST EDITORIAL / Melissa Vergara-Fernández, Emiliano Ippoliti, and Boudewijn de Bruin

FEATURES: Focussed issue on Philosophy of Finance
– Philosophy of Finance: a brief overview / Emiliano Ippoliti
– Sustainable Finance as a Moral Obligation / Joakim Sandberg
– Social Ontology: Money is No Object? / Frank Hindriks
– Financial markets design: some philosophical issues / Emiliano Ippoliti
– When theory trumps data / Melissa Vergara-Fernández
– Epistemic Dimensions of Risk Management / Lisa Warenski
– The Climate Emergency: Epistemic Challenges for Sustainable Finance / Boudewijn de Bruin
– Central banks and inequality / Peter Dietsch
– Finance as a case of niche epistemology – and what democratic societies can do about it / Lisa Herzog