There is an alternative! Critical cartoons and comics

2 May – 1 July 2016
Templeman Gallery, Floor 1 West


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This exhibition showcased a selection of original material, reprints, published material and paraphernalia by American and British comic artists, representing two prolific traditions in alternative comics.

The artists whose work was displayed include:

  • Andy Singer
  • Cristy C. Road
  • Darrin Bell
  • Gord Hill
  • Hunt Emerson
  • J.J. McCollough
  • James van Otto
  • Jen Sorensen
  • Kate Evans
  • Khalid Albaih
  • Lauren Weinstein
  • Matt Bors
  • Mike Goodwin and Dan E. Burr
  • Rachael House
  • Robert Armstrong
  • Safdar Ahmed
  • Spike Trotman
  • Stephanie McMillan
  • Suzy Varty
  • Ted Rall
  • Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins)
  • Vegan Sidekick

The exhibition also included materials from the British Cartoon Archive and the Les Coleman Archive.

The works displayed are commonly labelled as alternative in their respective traditions and understood as critically positioning themselves against a given mainstream (whether in comics, politics or culture).

Through the displayed material, and drawing on the position of comics as an underground or marginal form, the exhibition investigated the issue of what it means to be ‘alternative’ and ‘critical’ in contemporary society.

there is an alternative