Comedy on Stage and Page: Satirical Cartoons and Stand-Up Comedy


14 January — 30 March 2016

This exhibition showcases some of the fascinating material in two of the Templeman Library’s Special Collections: the British Cartoon Archive and the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive.

Not only are the items on display valuable sources of social, political and art history, but they also still entertain us today.

The cartoons range from early 20th century commentary on the women’s suffrage movement to lewd seaside postcards to recent newspaper cartoons from artists such as Steve Bell and Carl Giles. The stand-up comedy display features posters from events dating from the 1970s to the present day, comedians’ personal notes, tour memorabilia and more.

As well as printed material, there are also more unusual items on display including toys, knitwear and confetti.

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Five Fascinating Artefacts: personal reflections on some of the items in the exhibition