FutureProof – Building the University of the future

FutureProof is Kent’s new and exciting culture change project that aims to embed sustainability in our systems, services, operations, teaching and research across the University.

FutureProof builds on the successes of Green Impact and Green15 and looks at how staff and students can help deliver a University of the future. By challenging each department to review their impacts against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals FutureProof aims to inspire individuals, departments and the whole University community to take action in ensuring that our estate, our curriculum and our students are ready for the future.

The project is delivered in each department by a Sustainability Champion that has volunteered or been selected by that department. The Sustainability Champion is the catalyst for change and they are supported with training and resources by the University’s Sustainability Team.

Find out more about Sustainability Champions here.

Below is a simplified process diagram of the project:

The project is designed to get individuals and departments working quickly on their biggest impacts by self designing actions and interventions. This means that targets are set by those who understand them best, and actions are designed by those who have to carry them out. The project is flexible, adaptable and supported by the Sustainability Team who are there to offer their expertise, make sure things stay on track, provide training in key sustainability areas and innovations, and shout about what people are doing encouraging more people to get involved.

For more information on the background to the project please take a look at this info document – COMING SOON

The project will be piloted over the coming months and launching as soon as possible after that. Please keep an eye on the blog and our twitter for updates.