Printing using Ubuntu/Linux

HP E87640dn printer, used in SMSAS on floors 0, 2, and 3

Provisional instructions, with no guarantees offered… these will be updated as issues/solutions emerge

Back in September 2019 the University began moving to a managed print service, owned by IS centrally, and provided by apogee. There are lots of details for using the service here: … but no mention of support for Linux systems.

It needs to be stressed that apart from some central servers run by the IS Operations team*, Linux is not officially supported at Kent. This includes here at SMSAS although best-efforts assistance is given wherever possible (as is true for the central Helpdesk service).

With these caveats in mind please refer to the following
guidelines for printing using Ubuntu (PDF, 176 KB)

If all else fails (continue to) use the web printing serviceĀ (select Web Print from the menu on the left)

* Central servers that are not Windows-based use Red Hat Linux Enterprise. This is a commercial, supported, product and is not used within SMSAS where Ubuntu has proved the overwhelmingly popular choice.


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