Hands-off installation of Maple

The following post is relevant only to Windows managed desktop users

Maple is widely used for teaching and research within SMSAS and is available as a standard application on all managed Windows PCs in use within the School (teaching PCs, the PCs in the Sibson computing rooms, and Staff Managed Desktops, for example).

Installation (and licensing) can easily be achieved using the “hands off” method described below.

  1. Using search/Cortana search enter the term “software center” (see image, top-right).
  2. Select the desktop app Software Center and then select Maple Hands Free Install.
  3. If this option is not readily apparent search for “Maple” and then select from the results (likely only one result will be found).
  4. Choose InstallĀ 
  5. The process may take some time. There is no pop up alert when it is complete: so check back after approx 30 minutes.
  6. Maple should be accessible via Windows Start. Alternately use the search facility (as in step 1) to locate the shortcut to the installed application.

Please note that if your installation does not perform to your satisfaction you might obtain better results by installing it locally. Seek advice from SMSAS Computing staff.

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