Meet Ancient, Medieval and Modern History student: Lucy Cooper

We caught up with BA (Hons) Ancient, Medieval and Modern History student, Lucy, to hear about her experience and time at Kent.

What has been your favourite module so far, and why?

My favourite module has been the Crisis of the Late Republic, because I thoroughly enjoyed this subject area at A-Level and this module renewed my passion for the topic, as the lecturer was super engaging. It was also interesting to try out different types of assignments, as instead of essays, we were tasked with writing Wiki articles and could choose anything for our final assessment. This allowed me to choose something that I was really passionate about.

What made you decide to study your course at University of Kent?

I enjoyed both Classics and History at A-Level, and could not decide which course to study at University. So, I chose to find a degree that allowed me to study both. Few universities provided this, but Kent was one of them! I eventually settled on Kent as my top University choice after I had attended the applicant day, as I found it to be an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. I also fell in love with the campus, as it has tons of green space, bars and restaurants, and a huge library!

During the lockdown, how have you found studying your course?

As with most things during lockdown, it has been a challenge. However, the University has provided lots of online resources to make learning easier and more accessible for those off campus. Lecturers have also worked hard to make sure that virtual seminars are both engaging and informative.

When you were able to be on campus, where did you spend most of your time?

Either in the library or in one of the restaurants – they serve some really delicious food!

Are you a part of any sports or societies? And if so, what’s been your experience? Would you recommend them to fellow/new students and why?

I have been a member of the Kent Classics and Archaeology Society for the last three years, and I am currently the President. I joined the society in my first year, when I heard that they were putting on a play – Lysistrata! We were all amateur actors, but it was so much fun and we all became good friends, and the show went amazingly well. After that, I was sold on the society, and haven’t looked back since! We’re a super friendly bunch that get together every few weeks to play games and chat, and although it’s been challenging adjusting to virtual socials, it’s still nice to see everyone and have some fun! I’d recommend KCAS to anyone and everyone – whether you have an interest in the Classical world or not, we’re open to all!

During the lockdown, how have you been keeping social and catching up with friends?

I’ve been keeping social through the events that my society holds, and through the occasional virtual game’s night with my other University friends. We normally play Werewolf or Among Us, and it’s super fun!

During lockdown, have societies been hosting any socials you have loved? Have you discovered any online events worth sharing?

KCAS have been hosting some online quizzes and game’s nights, and I especially recommend the game’s nights! I have also made use of the Kent Careers and Employability Service during lockdown, as I have noticed that they have been putting on a lot of virtual careers related events, such as how to make a good LinkedIn profile and how to write a good CV. These have been super useful and I highly recommend them. The Humanities department have also been organising some virtual lectures from experts from outside the University.

What’s your favourite thing about the campus?

I love that everything is all in one place and super easy to get to. I also love the scenery – it’s really nice to just go on long walks around campus.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Canterbury / Medway?

The history! There are quite a few museums in Canterbury, and the Cathedral is spectacular! The Highstreet also has some great stores.

What’s your favourite bar/café/restaurant in town or on campus?

I think my favourite restaurant on campus is probably either Origins or Mungo’s – I’d recommend Mungo’s for breakfast and Origins for dinner. As for bars, Woody’s and Kbar are my favourites, as the atmosphere is super chill and they make some great cocktails.

What would you recommend to a new first year student studying your course that would really help them?

I would recommend the library resources page – it lists a lot of resources that are useful to history students, especially now that everything is virtual. I would also recommend getting in touch with lecturers (or society members!) when you need any extra help – they’re not as scary as they look!

What would you recommend a first year student moving to Kent try out?

I would recommend joining a new society as soon as possible, as it really helps to make new friends and find like-minded individuals. I would also recommend going on walks around the town – it is really beautiful.

Are there any books / podcasts / film / online magazines that would be helpful for a new student, or fellow students, studying your course?

As history and classics is such a diverse course, it’s difficult to recommend any specific books that are broad enough to cover the whole course. But a good place to check is on the module catalogue – if you search for a module that you are taking/will be taking, there’s a list of books that would be useful as introductory reading for that module. As for podcasts, I recommend You’re Dead to Me, available for free on Apple Podcasts – it’s a fun overview of some events/periods of history, with some insight from experts on the topics.

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