Blister Cinema

A poster for Genetic Moo's 'Blister Cinema' at GEEKAn opportunity to discuss an exciting art and science project with Margate-based artists Genetic Moo

Genetic Moo are currently working on an Animate Project commission Silent Signal which is supported by the Wellcome Trust. Silent Signal comprises 6 art-science collaborations which explore how the body uses soundless internal dialogues between cells to fight disease.

In collaboration with Dr Neil Dufton from Imperial College London, they are developing an immersive animated film that takes the viewer on a fantastic voyage through the inflammation process.

This February, they will be exhibiting their first of three Blister Cinemas at GEEK (Games Expo East Kent). A Blister Cinema is an interactive environment that enables visitors to take on key roles in the bodies defence against and infected blister, e.g. leucocytes and mast cells. Each Blister Cinema is both an exhibition space and a film set – some of the footage gathered in the space will be used in their short animated film, the Battle of Blister.

Come and join them to discuss the projects progress and the challenges of communicating ideas in science. Plus, find out how to get involved with Blister Cinema 3 at Limbo Arts Margate. This will be the final and most ambitious of the installations.

Where: Panay Fashions, 9 Marine Gardens, Margate, CT9 1UN (opposite Margate Clock Tower)
When: Talks and demos at 2pm and 4pm each day, Fri 20 – Sun 22 Feb (12 – 6pm)


For more information about the event please visit –

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