SAC Student Reps

The School Student Reps are here to represent You.

Student Reps
They represent your opinions and concerns to School and University staff. They are your first port of call for any suggestions, feedback, comments or queries you have about a module/course or the programme as a whole. There is a Student Rep for each SAC programme and each stage.

School Rep
In addition to the Student Reps, there is also a School Rep. Their role is to represent all students in their school and work closely with Student Reps within their school to get opinions from all years and all courses. Think of them like a team leader to the Student Reps.

Who are the School’s Student and School Reps?

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Position Name Email
SCHOOL REP Alexandra Walsh
Stage 1
Social Anthropology (Also with Year Abroad and Joint Honours) Stage 1 Thomasine Pledger
Biological Anthropology/ Anthropology Stage 1 Elisha Waller (Ant BSc) / Lee Glanville (Bio Anth BSc Mature, PT) /
Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Science and Human Ecology Stage 1 Mollie Wilson
Stage 2
Social Anthropology (Also with Year Abroad and Joint Honours) Stage 2 John Henderson
Biological Anthropology/ Anthropology Stage 2 Brea Stewart
Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Science and Human Ecology Stage 2 Lara Bazzu
Stage 3
Social Anthropology (Also with Year Abroad and Joint Honours) Stage 3 Jessica Howorth
Biological Anthropology/ Anthropology Stage 3 Arjun Shah
Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Science and Human Ecology Stage 3 Hannah Pepe
PGT Anthropology VACANT
PGT Conservation Taea Romagnuolo
PGR Anthropology VACANT
PGR Conservation Gwili Gibbon & Jess Fisher /

How can my Rep help me?

I have a suggestion/feedback on how my module could be improved. Should I share my thoughts with my Student Rep?

Yes. Your Student Rep actively participates in the School Academic Committee relevant to their programme and so can feedback to relevant academics on this programme. Their role is to help shape curriculum development based on your feedback and so if would like a change to be made, don’t be afraid to let them know. Alternatively, if you would like the change made immediately, you can always speak with the Module Convener directly. If they don’t know, they cannot help.

A number of us have raised concerns about specific School policies. Can I raise this with my Student Rep?
Yes. The School and Student Reps are here to listen and represent your thoughts and opinions. Recently, Student Reps have been instrumental in the review and improvement of School policy around coursework extensions. After fruitful consultation with students and School staff through the Staff Student Liaison Committee, they were able to implement changes to this policy that has improved the student experience.

I would like to see more extra-curricular activities relevant to my academic programme. Can my Student Rep help?
Yes. Curriculum and programme development is not just about modules and assessment. If you feel that extra fieldtrips or guest lectures would help boost the academic experience, then let your Student Rep know! They will raise this with the academic members of your particular programme within the relevant School Academic Committee.

I am unhappy with a mark that I have received for an assignment. Can I ask my Student Rep to help me get the assignment re-marked?
Unfortunately not. If you have a question about an assignment you should speak with the individual Module Convener or your Academic Advisor for feedback.

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