Academic Peer Mentoring

The School’s Academic Peer Mentors are available to help undergraduate students who feel that they need additional support with their assignments and academic writing.

Who are the School’s Academic Peer Mentors?

Carl Grevel, Secretary of the Anthropology Academic Society Stage 2 BSc Biological Anthropology with a Year in the USA
Maryam Ali Stage 2 BSc Anthropology
Abbi Day Stage 2 BA Social Anthropology
Marx Yim Stage 2 BSc Wildlife Conservation
Priscilla Djaba Stage 2 BA Social Anthropology & Economics
Jessica Howorth,  Social Anthropology Student Rep Stage 3 BA Social Anthropology

How can they help?
Mentors run sessions on topics within the core modules of your programme. Often they will respond to student feedback on which areas additional support is required. Therefore to get the most out your session, tell them about the areas you are struggling with.

What can I expect from an Academic Peer Mentoring session?
The sessions are 1-hour long. They are flexible depending on the support required and can run as a collective study group, or as smaller subject session groups.

What should I do to  prepare for an Academic Peer Mentoring Session?
To get the most out of your session, contact the relevant subject specialist, prior to the next session, to let them know which area you would like additional support.

Are there any academic members of staff at the sessions?
No. The sessions are entirely led by the Academic Peer Mentors and are designed to offer students a more relaxed space in which to discuss topics and ask questions.

Are sessions compulsory?
No.  Although they show on your timetable, this is only for your information. The sessions are not compulsory and attendance will not be monitored.

When do the Academic Peer Mentoring sessions take place?
5-6pm every Wednesday
Week 4 – 12
Stirling Library

Marlowe Building


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