#windowsintowildlife: June edition

  "Sunlight dappling through cherry blossoms" by Dr Devin Finaughty.

This April, the School of Anthropology and Conservation launched a student-led social media campaign called #windowsintowildlife. While lockdown measures saw us staying inside a lot more than usual, the moments that we have had in nature on our mandated one walk per day have been even more precious than usual. We invited staff, students and alumni to submit their photos of wildlife, both flora and fauna, either from their windows at home or whilst out roaming during daily exercise.

Here we offer our favourite submissions from the last three weeks of the campaign. The campaign has drawn to a close now and we would like to than everyone for their fantastic submissions.

Week Six

Fox sneaking onto a lawn underneath a wooden fence
A frequent visitor to the communal area outside the residence of BA Environmental Social Sciences’ student Becky Coston.

Week Seven

Grasshopper on a blade of grass in front of white flower petals
Grasshopper on a blade of grass by BSc in Biological Anthropology student Nadine Steer.

Week Eight

Sunlight peeping through cherry blossoms
Sunlight peeping through cherry blossoms by Dr Devin Finaughty, Lecturer in Biological anthropology.

Week Nine

Purple monkey orchid flourishing in the wild.
Monkey orchid by MSc Conservation and International Wildlife Trade student Reshu Bashyal.

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