DICE alumna shares video of her fieldwork highlights in Madagascar

Indri lemurs in the forest canopy

Sarah Humphrys studied for an MSc in Conservation and Rural Development at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE) in 2018-19 and wrote an account of her time conducting field research in Madagascar this time last year. In addition, she has also edited together some highlights of the time she spent out there.

“As lockdown becomes the new normal for many of us, intrepid expeditions to the local greengrocers or pharmacy have become the most adventurous part of my week. Since being furloughed, however, I have gladly used the time to sort through the hours of footage that I collected last year when I was away on an actual adventure in the rainforests of Madagascar, conducting fieldwork for my Master’s degree.

“I hope you enjoy watching it.”

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