CBCD staff working in India

Honorary Professor Patricia Howard is leading a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional effort, including School staff members Rajindra Puri and Michael Fischer, to develop conceptual frameworks, methods and a science … Read more

Ethnobotany Lecture at Kew

Dr Will McClatchey (Botanical Research Institute of Texas) gave the 12th Annual Kew-Kent Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture at Kew Gardens in London on October 11th. His … Read more

Split PhD in Columbia

Miguel Alexiades, Juan Alvaro Echeverri and Daniela Peluso have recently initiated a Split PhD programme between the University of Kent and IMANI (Instituto Amazónico de … Read more

Darwin project wins award

The radio documentary, conducted by the BBC, in one of our Darwin Initiative project sites (Guguak Malalo) entitled: Lost in Translation: Islam for conservation and … Read more