Plan S – Where are we now?

This post is part of a series written for Academic Liaison Services at the University of Kent, as introduction to research support. While we hope it is of more general interest, please read it with this in mind.


In December 2018, we published a post “Kent preparation for Plan S – Making full and immediate Open Access a reality” … in a pre Brexit, pre COVID-19, pre UK general election world – this post looks at where we are now and what has changed with Plan S.

  • While the principles remain the same, there have been a number of post consultation changes to implementation. The coalition have highlighted nine aims of a work plan and  five key areas of activity for them – growing the membership, supporting researchers, supporting learned societies, engaging with publishers and developing price transparency. Of these, supporting researchers is the key for us at Kent – although at this stage the activities highlighted in this area are focussed on monitoring the effects and enabling compliance, including ” a simple web-based tool in which researchers can determine how to comply” The full implementation plan is available for more information.
  • Most recently, Coalition S have announced the revised criteria for transformative deals

What does this mean at Kent?

While PlanS will have an impact on European funded research and those publications co-authored with researchers on CoalitionS member funders, the primary impact will be through UKRI. Plan S is one factor being considered as part of the UKRI consultation on open access – we are co-ordinating the response to this at Kent, and would welcome your input.

Where are we with the Kent plans?

  • Information, support and options regarding open access are available here and will be updated as required: Choose your route to Open Access – key links We are currently assessing and entering into new agreements with all the major journal publishers, more information is available in this blog post.
  • We are reviewing our IP policy to ensure that is line with the principles required by the funders. This has initially involved considering out position on copyright to ensure clarity – this is currently being considered  by OSC board with a view to making a recommendation to RIB.
  • We have reviewed our repository service and have a prioritised development plan. The current Kent Open Access policy allows the greatest degree of sharing within the expectations of publishers and scholarly practice.
  • We have an Office for Scholarly Communication! We are aware of these changes and are keen to ensure that the researchers and research at Kent are as informed as possible to make the appropriate choices for their work. Do get in touch with us with any questions. As more information and details become available, we will pass them on.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. Feel a lot more “on it” now rather than vaguely thinking I knew most of it. I hadn’t clocked the steps in the implementation plan or joined up the dots between Coalition S and criteria for transformative journals and the transformative agreements.

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