Free Gold Open Access for our Kent authors

As the next stage in the open research journey, the way in which your library pays for journal subscriptions is changing. Find out more and what you need to do to take advantage

Transformative Read and Publish agreements

We are currently assessing and entering into new agreements with all the major journal publishers.
These new agreements are being negotiated by JISC on behalf of the sector. They are being termed “transformative agreements” because they are transforming the journal publishing world and the library-publisher relationship by combining the costs of library subscriptions (the read element) with the costs of Gold Open Access (the publish element). The idea is to prevent “double dipping” where the publisher receives revenue from subscriptions and then again from Article Processing Charges by charging to make individual articles Open Access within subscription journals.

What part is Kent playing?

  • We are evaluating the publisher offers using data such as previous subscription costs, volume of articles published by Kent with that publisher and number of Article Processing Charges paid in the preceding years
  • We are favouring those agreements that allow all of our University of Kent corresponding or submitting authors to publish Open Access in that publisher’s journals easily and smoothly without having to make separate applications
  • We are sending robust feedback to publishers via JISC
  • We continue to assess and negotiate in order to achieve the best results for Kent.

Action Kent authors need to take

  • Be aware of new Open Access deals as explained below when completing your author/publisher agreement forms
  • Please make the very best use of new agreements that your library has paid for by publishing Open Access wherever possible
  • Contact us if you get stuck or are unsure what option to select
  • Take Open Access Read and Publish Agreements into consideration when deciding where to publish and the roles that each of you will take in any future joint publications, especially corresponding and submitting authors
  • If the process is not clear, or you need any help, contact the Office for Scholarly Communication

Agreements already in place at Kent

  • Springer is an example of a Transformative Read and Publish agreement that is already established
  • Wiley will be the next to become available
  • We will be updating our APC webpage guidance and publishing blog posts over the next few weeks as details are finalised


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