Webpages and content

Having worked in publishing before, I have had to write lots of different types of content, pages for the web, instruction manuals, posters, leaflets and all sorts of things before, but never at the same time as I have been over the past day or so.

Now the branding and colour scheme for the material is starting to come together, the key messages and content needs to be produced, and that is my job. As part of the project we are aiming to produce:

  • information/promotion webpage
  • formal project webpage
  • posters
  • leaflets
  • information screens
  • PowerPoint slides
  • merchandised gifts
  • instructions/FAQs

Which is quite a range of materials, all requiring a different voice, but to maintain the same message. This has been a very interesting experience for me, having to design a homogenous campaign over so many variations of media, rather than contributing elements to one.

Key to the development of this outreach program is to focus on only one or two messages at a time. The messages that we have decided to focus on in these opening stages are:

  1. The simplicity of an ORCID iD to create and maintain
  2. Uniqueness
  3. External reasons to get an ORCID iD e.g. funding bodies and publishers

The content of two webpages, one formal, and one promotional have been fully written, and the content passed over to the publishing team to be styled and published. I will post links and screenshots where I can. The existing material provided by ORCID was very useful in creating the webpages, providing effective descriptors of more complex concepts surrounding ORCID iDs and a fully functional ORCID registry example entry that can be referred to(http://orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097 – have a look, its quite useful!).

Finally, since I am saving previews of the branding/merchandising for next week’s ORCID pilot progress meeting (hopefully!), I will conclude by saying – iDentify yourself – and move on to my leaflets!