Technical update

I met with a member of the L&RD team the other day, just over coffee, to try and get a better understanding of where we stand with the technical aspects, he has agreed to write a post outlining more specifically how it was done, but here is the breakdown:

KAR (ePrints) – a field has been added to the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) for an ORCID iD and this is due to go live in the next week or so. While the form cannot populate from an ORCID iD, once saved it is able to link out to the record in the ORCID registry, as well as being indexed within KAR so you will be able to search KAR by an individual’s ORCID identifier.

eThesis (Moodle) – the eThesis submission system has now gone live for postgraduate students and the addition of an ORCID field was requested at the testing stage. This has now been successfully added. The system submits the dissertation to the relevant administrators for the department as well as populating, and uploading a copy to KAR. The ORCID field will also be populated in KAR, thus linking the systems together.

KRIMSON (CRIS) – The field had been created in KRIMSON, but due to delays in the project, details are not available at this time.