Marketing and merchandising

Just a quick update today:

As my first full week working on Kent Early ORCID comes to a close (although it is worth pointing out that I also have a day job!), I have made a lot of progress in planning, organising, and talking to people, which may not feel like achievment but it is always needed in these early stages, especially for someone new to the project like me.

This week I have had meetings with the IS Publishing team, to discuss web content, designs for the materials for outreach and designing a ‘brand’ for the product. I say ‘brand’ but as ORCID is already established and we aren’t doing anything to their product, the focus being on promoting it and advocating it’s use, that may be the wrong word, ‘title’ or ‘tag’ might be better, possibly even ‘campaign slogan’ – just something to distinguish our material from being generic product marketing, and make it something that can be recognised as supported by the department. We’re lucky that the primary Kent colour is blue – certainly makes our lives easier to work with the green ORCID logo!

My next job is to select the key messages that we want to promote to our chosen audience, and write the text – which is turning out not to be that easy, especially since the audience for ORCID is so varied!

Along with the fun bits about designing webpages and posters, and deciding if we want freebies to hand out, I am also starting the process of recruitment. Within the project plan there is scope for a number of PhD students to perform the bulk of the advocacy work and to contribute, ultimately to its success! For that I need to prepare an outline of responsibilities and a mini job-description, and make contact with appropriate members of staff – its all happening at once!