First steps

Now that the new term is approaching, work is able to begin on the Kent Early ORCID project. We made the decision to hold back on the project over the summer vacation due to the absence of the majority of staff and students. Any postgraduates and PhD students that were around were writing, and if they weren’t, they were preparing to head off on well-deserved holidays! This is significant because this project relies on postgraduates, PhD students and early career researchers as the focus of the project, as well as needing to recruit a team to be part of it moving forward.

Now the project has been able to take its first steps, let me introduce myself as the Project Officer and the team working on the project so far.

Project Sponsor:

Simon Kerridge, Director of Research Services

Project Manager:

Lesley Gould, Faculty Liaison Librarian (Sciences)

Project Officer:

Kirsty Wallis

As the project officer, I will be the primary voice on this blog, and will be sharing logoprogress, ideas and plans with everyone as the project progresses. The integration of ORCID into our institutional repository and other systems has already taken place, and I plan to get one of our L&RD team responsible for this to do a guest post in the near future about this process and how it went (but I’ll keep you posted on this!).

This week I will mostly be concerned with research and planning, it will be valuable for me to spend time getting myself up to speed on all of the other projects and implementations already out there. The ORCID web pages have been invaluable, especially their resources for outreach, and the slideshare page I discovered with numerous presentations about ORCID implementations, and some from the ORCID team themselves.

Next steps are to start working on some internal communication and webpages to explain who we are, what we’re doing, what ORCID is and what the benefits are.

If you want to know more, check back or email me on the address above.

Wish me luck!