Santa’s nearly here…!

Conductor Ian Swatman on the perils of organising a Christmas gig from the safety of Easter, who’ll be Santa on the night and what’s in store…

20131130-130300.jpgBack in the deep, dark days of March, a ‘Swing – along with Santa!’ concert seemed a long way off. ‘What a great idea’ were the words uttered from the powers that reside on top floor of the CFB as they gorged on the last of their Easter eggs. Little did anyone realise the festive, musical juggernaut that’s been created!

There was frenzied debate into who would play the role of Santa, whose appearance would be the crowning glory in what will be the musical highlight of the year… How about Sophie? No, she’d be too busy rehearsing for the much-anticipated rendition of ‘Santa Baby.’ The Christmas tree is bushy and it’s ready for a trim… Would it be the svelte, sophisticated Mr Harding? Unlikely, as he’s in a heightened state, polishing his latest copy of the Michael Bublé Christmas album ready for his own Christmas jazz extravaganza. Surely our esteemed leader would not be up for this prestigious role? Hot off the press, I can officially announce that Sue has taken herself off to a secluded musical sanctuary for the following two months as she prepares the bass clarinet part for Sparke’s ‘Orient Express’ to be aired in February. Santa’s up for grabs, if all else fails there may be a lone tuba player that could be tempted by a moment in the limelight and a bottle of Prosecco…?

On less serious matters, the bands have produced a tremendous term with application and commitment that, as I’ve said many times, leaves me enthused and feeling young (ish!) Ravel, Sparke, Fauré and before it sounds like we’ve become too serious, Earth, Wind & Fire and a bit of Stevie will be thrown into the eclectic musical pot.

20131130-125805.jpgI realise this ‘blog’ has been penned with sophistication previously unknown but you do have to realise that I am now representing Hull, The 2017 City of Culture and the bar has been raised! I’m hoping as I’m from the land of short people it’s not too high…!

The February concert will be challenging, varied and a musical feast but first it’s Santa. If you haven’t got your tickets you could be too late. A jingle, jangle musical feast followed an equally frenzied assault on the mince pies and mulled wine. What a night and what an end to term! Merry Christmas!

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