Listen up! On Radio 3 this week

On Radio 3’s Jazz on 3 from last Monday, you can hear two acclaimed British jazz pianists, John Law, and Robert Mitchell.

I tuned in to hear the Robert Mitchell set, a unique set recorded for the programme featuring Mitchell focusing solely on the left-hand, but before getting there, I was enthralled by a couple of pieces from the John Law trio, in particular ‘Insistence’ which powers along with some real flair, following on from the deft, Baroque intricacy of ‘Three Part Invention.’

I’ve loved Robert Mitchell’s playing since coming across the ‘Robert Mitchell 3io’ album,The Greater Good;here is the trio live just down the road in Folkestone – just listen to the restless, questing, infectious groove that starts at 48 seconds in.

You can listen to the programme on iPlayer until next Monday.

In other news: both the University Concert and Big Bands have started the new year, and now have a couple of rehearsals under their belts; our mole on the inside of both bands will be here to give us an update on how they’ve got on very shortly…

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