Jan 18

Keeping it Nice ‘n’ Easy

As the conductor Ian Swatman has remarked today on that bastion of digital communication, Facebook, there’s now four weeks to go until the annual roof-raising concert with the Concert and Big Bands in the Gulbenkian Theatre.

Big Band singer

Singing gem: Ruby Mutlow

This term’s concert promises to be something remarkable, with a dizzying blend of showtunes, classic big band swing, and no doubt a welcome return for the University Big Band singer, Ruby Mutlow, after her successful debut last year.

There’s a particular atmosphere about these gigs that one doesn’t often find at music concerts; tremendous warmth and support from an enthusiastic audience, and a reciprocal enthusiasm from the performers, combined with Ian’s rapport with both players and audience and his often wry and down-to-earth sense of humour that can’t hide his total commitment to the music, the players and the audience.

There’ll be some pre-show entertainment in the foyer beforehand with live music from some student musicians as well.

Details on our Concert Diary online here; and now you can buy tickets online directly from the Gulbenkian as well – they usually sell like hot cakes, don’t miss out!

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