Progressing nicely!

Come the first rehearsal, typically the last Wednesday in September, the usual anxieties return.

Was ArtsFest really three months ago? Will anyone turn up? What about the repertoire? Have we got enough parts? Will reception give me a key? Will Chris stop ‘fiddling’?!

Seven rehearsals in and I’m pleased to report, once again, the worrying was unnecessary! Without giving the game away too much. Concert Band repertoire includes a spiritual/Dixieland tune, we’ve got the usual crowd-pleasing medley and a challenging Paul Hart piece that we did attempt a couple of years back then quickly hid in the cupboard – we have to play it now!

Plan with the Big Band, a whole new programme in the February concert, well maybe not quite. Singers Jo and Ruby are now on board and showing once again the depth of talent in the building! From funk to Latin a varied programme can be promised. Of course not forgetting the obligatory audience participation. Things are shaping up well…I can’t wait for February!

The wealth of talent on show every Wednesday night never fails to amaze me. I would like to convey my genuine appreciation to all the players who turn up and produce the goods without fail. I will try not to worry next year, there is no need!

I shall find something different to concern myself with.

Hull City play tomorrow night, now I’m worried!

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