Call for Panel, Stream, Plenary and Book Launch suggestions for 2015 Law, Literature & the Humanities Conference – “Complicity”

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Dear All,
Thanks for your enthusiasm to date in response to the 2015 Law, Literature & the Humanities conference, to be hosted by University of Technology, Sydney on the 9-12 December 2015.

Interdisciplinary work in law, literature and the humanities is of increasing significance to national and international scholarship, and it would be great to represent this breadth and depth at the conference. So, as we outlined at the Association Annual General Meeting a couple of weeks ago, we’re asking for the involvement of LLH members. We’re especially thinking of the strong scholarship in law and the visual, law and graphic culture, law and popular culture, spatiality and conduct, which is well-represented by LLH members.






We’re asking for members to draw on national and international networks, and to take responsibility for developing streams, panels or plenaries–and we invite creativity in form–so that these emerging and established elements of the movement are represented. We’ve already had some great submissions from members. It’s also fine if you have ideas, but don’t have the time to organise them–please submit those ideas too.

We’ll also be asking you for assistance in connecting to those networks to promote the conference.

If you have suggestions for upcoming books to be launched, or publishers who might be interested in being involved, please let us know.

Please send through suggestions and proposals to us at<>.

All the best
Honni and Penny

Dr Honni van Rijswijk
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Law
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123 Broadway
NSW 2007

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