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Here are some links to websites with Gaslight-related information. Leave a comment or email me on if there are any others you would like to include.

Hamilton Gaslight

The Theatricalia website offers some information on British theatrical productions of the play: . More specifically check out a 1939 British production which, according to the Internet Movie Database, was recorded ‘live’ on one occasion, the film of which still exists

Information on Broadway productions is available here:

The play was also revived more recently in the West End of London. What’s On Stage reviews the 2007 version:

For theatre context, do visit the University of Kent Library’s Special Collections ( where searches for East Lynne and Gas Light provide information on other productions, and you can also trace some of stage actress Diana Wynyard’s career.

Jane particularly drew our attention to the Pettingell Collection which includes material relating to the noted stage actor who played the dogged ex-policeman:

In terms of the currency of the play in the 1940s, Lies mentioned the Jack Benny spoof from 1945. Follow the link for Benny imitating Boyer, and Bergman happily sending up the film:

A US radio version appeared a little later in 1953. You can listen to it here:


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  1. I thought I would bring everyone’s attention to an incidental, but modern reference to Gaslight.
    Over Easter I watched the first series of American Horror Story – a very modern Gothic melodrama. Set in present day LA, a family (fleeing from the husband’s past infidelities) move into a mansion that unbeknownst to them is haunted by multiple malevolent spirits. However in one episode, the wife suspects that her husband is trying to kill her and exclaims…”Are you trying to gaslight me?”

    Incidental I know, but the concept of gaslighting appears to still hold relevance!


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