The Son of the Sheik

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A little information on the sequel to The Sheik (George Melford, 1921), The Son of the Sheik (George Fitzmaurice, 1926).

son of the SheikThis too starred Rudolph Valentino, this time in dual roles. As The Sheik (married to Lady Diana of the first film, again played by Agnes Ayres) and the Sheik’s son. The son’s love interest is played by Vilma Banky.

The sequel was more controversial than the first, especially in its more violent depiction of the threat of rape.

Lies has kindly provided links to this scene in particular, and the film in its entirety on youtube, should you wish to view them:

The excerpt:

The film (68 mins, though according to Lies the link includes two versions of the film:one with, and one without, music):


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  1. Thanks for the update, Lies. The Son of the Sheik will fit into our screening slot then. Which I might take advantage of when it’s my turn to choose again…


  2. I just realised the film is not quite that long – it’s only about 68 minutes, but that YT clip has it twice for some reason, once with and once without music. It also has random Spanish subtitles but it’s overall pretty watchable. I prefer the original, but it’s a decent sequel and I do enjoy Vilma Banky.


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