Reducing large amounts of  text to quantitative data ⌈…⌉ does not provide a complete picture of meaning and contextual codes, since texts may contain
many other forms of emphasis besides sheer repetition. 

∼ Shoemaker and Reese 1996: 24  ∼

This weblog is to support students in performing a media analysis. This weblog will continue to build throughout the term so please consult it regularly. The methodological focus is on combining quantitative and qualitative forms of media analysis. The methodology outlined here focusses on the use of newspapers as primary form of data sources.

  1. A Media Analysis: From Topic to Research Question
    1. STEP I: Topic, Concepts and Media Selection
    2. STEP II. Source Selection and Introducing a Comparative Perspective.
  2. Constructing a Database for a Multi-method Media Analysis
    1. PART I. ID, Newspaper and Methodological Variables
    2. PART II. Performing the Quantitative Content Analysis: Analysing ‘manifest content’
  3. Writing Up a Media Analysis
    1. Writing up the Methodology
    2. Writing up the Analysis
    3. Writing up the Conclusion
  4. Bibliography