Offline activities

Moodle has a number of activities that can be used to hold discussions, connect speakers with the audience and engage attendees outside of scheduled live sessions.

Prerecorded Presentations

If you have presenters within the University that want to pre-record a session, they can do so with Panopto and KentPlayer, the process is the same for recording a lecture.

See the KentPlayer Quickguide.

If you have presenters that have pre-recorded a session, you can upload this video to KentPlayer.

See Upload a recording (requires Kent Login).

Moodle Forum

Moodle Forums consist of Discussions and replies. A Discussion is the initial post in a forum, and starts the thread of replies. Attendees can reply either to the main discussion, or to another users reply, to carry out conversations without having to interact with the forum in real-time.

Forum Types

A single simple discussion

Use this to create a single Discussion that all users must reply to. This is perfect if the discussion you want is quite specific, or if you want a forum for questions on a specific live session. It means there’s only a single thread that a presenter needs to check to answer questions.

Standard forum for general use

Use this if you want a more open forum. Participants can create their own discussions as well as reply to others. You might want to use one as a way for participants to discuss more generally about the conference.

See our Moodle Interactive guide (PDF download, requires Kent Login).