Running Live Sessions

The method you use to run a live session will depend on the level of interactivity you want with your audience.

KentPlayer Webcast

Using Panopto; a KentPlayer Webcast is like a lecture recording in real-time.

You can create the link to the webcast ahead of time to share with attendees on your Moodle module or via email.

There is a Live Discussion feature, but there is a fairly long delay. Consider using a Moodle Discussion Forum or Chat Activity instead.

Pro’s Con’s
  • It uses Panopto, so if you record your lectures, you’re already familiar with the technology.
  • Supports many viewers, both internal and external.
  • Recording is saved in KentPlayer.
  • Long delay with the chat feature.


See our KentPlayer guides or the KentPlayer Training module (requires Kent Login).

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Perfect for smaller groups, allowing more interactivity between presenters and attendees.

You can invite both internal and external people to the meeting.

Harder to manage with larger numbers!

Pro’s Con’s
  • Highly interactive as all participants can share audio and video.
  • Settings can be configured to allow participants to share their screen or presentations.
  • Can be difficult to manage with high numbers of attendees.
  • Recordings need to be saved and uploaded to KentPlayer manually.


See the Microsoft Teams guide.