Prepare for Law: an exciting initiative exclusively for undergraduate law applicants at Kent

‘Prepare for Law’ ​is an exciting series of preparatory activities developed exclusively by Kent Law School for the benefit of our undergraduate law applicants. 

This initiative is designed to give our incoming law students the confidence to succeed in their studies. Your participation will not only help secure your place at Kent, it will also provide​ you with a supportive bridge to university level study.

 Prepare for Law includes: 

  • Activities which demonstrate the relevance of law to everyday life
  • Sessions delivered by current students and recent graduates about how to think like a law student, including skills and techniques which have helped them both as students and in their careers
  • Opportunities to hear from current students as they reflect on their studies and on how they felt about making the transition from school or college
  • A commitment to accept applicants who engage with Prepare for Law and accept Kent as their Firm choice at two grades (to a maximum of 16 UCAS points) below the offer they have been made, or to take engagement into consideration at results time (see below for further information)

Prepare for Law is available to all undergraduate applicants who are made an offer to study a degree in Law at the University of Kent (with the exception of Law with a Foundation Year).

Information about how to access the sessions and activities will be sent directly to offer holders in April.

Our ‘Prepare for Law’ commitment 

  • If you engage with Prepare for Law and accept an offer to study Law at Kent as your Firm choice, then all qualifications which attract UCAS points are included in our commitment to accept you at two grades (to a maximum of 16 UCAS points) below the offer you have been made
  • Where a qualification doesn’t attract UCAS points, your participation in Prepare for Law will be taken into consideration should you narrowly miss the conditions of your offer
  • We are committed to the University’s position of considering applicants who narrowly miss the conditions of their offer but, if you qualify for acceptance at a reduced level through your participation in Prepare for Law, the reduction offered by the Kent Guarantee doesn’t usually apply.