Kent CSI: Bringing Criminology, Forensic Science and Law to life for sixth form students

The exciting potential of Criminology, Forensic Science, and Law as intellectually stimulating subjects to study at university was vividly brought to life during ‘Kent CSI’, an action-packed outreach day for local sixth form students.

Kent CSI took place on the University’s Canterbury campus with a group of Year 12 and Year 13 students from The North School at Ashford.

Hosted by Director of Lawyering Skills Darren Weir, and Senior Lecturer Laura Charleton from Kent Law School (KLS) and by Senior Lecturer Andrew Langley from the School of Physical Sciences (SPS), the day began in the laboratories at SPS and ended in the Law School’s replica court room.

After a morning briefing in the laboratories, students were split into two groups and sent into nearby woods to investigate a crime scene. They were taught how to analyse a crime scene, gather and record evidence, collect fingerprints, and swab the ‘body’ for (fake!) blood. They also learnt about the journey the evidence then takes from the perspective of a forensic scientist and a crime scene investigator.

In the afternoon, the action transferred to the Moot Court in the Wigoder Law Building for a demonstration of how the evidence they had gathered at the crime scene would be used in court to convict the offender.

Darren Weir, Director of Lawyering Skills at KLS, selected a court usher and formed a jury from amongst the participating students. Over the course of the next two hours the students watched as the criminal case unfolded in court. After hearing testimonies from expert witnesses, the police and the defendant, the jury was asked to leave the room and deliberate on a verdict.

One teacher described the outreach event as “the best university school trip” they had attended. The students were similarly enthusiastic about the proceedings:

  • “I found the day very interesting, especially if you plan on pursuing a career in Law or Forensics”
  • “It was great fun and confirmed I wish to take Law further”
  • “It was nice to experience a day that was so hands on and it was great that we were always involved”
  • “It was a fun, engaging day with a mock court that was very impressive”
  • “Amazing, fun experience that got me interested in the subjects”
  • “An eye-opening experience to find out more about the subjects at University”.

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