What is a Reasonable Adjustment?

How do to record a reasonable adjustment.

Reasonable Adjustments 

Making reasonable adjustments is not only about our legal duty under the Equality Act but it is also part of our commitment to inclusiveness. We recognise that for individuals to be at their best, they need the right environment and tools to do their work which may involve making some adjustments.
This short new e-learning module within Staff Training Moodle will explain when and why adjustments are sometimes necessary and how you can record them using the inclusion passport


Inclusion Passport

The University of Kent has also designed an Inclusion Passport to support the implementation of reasonable adjustments made for employees and to document what helps them to work best, feel included and get the support needed.
A managers guide on how to use the Inclusion passport has also been created
to give managers an ‘at a glance’ view of how to use inclusion passports and make reasonable adjustments.

Inclusion passport process