Inclusive Line Manager Training

Challenging Racism -

We are pleased to announce a new training programme for all of our people leader’s across the organisation – Inclusive Line Manager Training

The aim of the programme is to empower everyone in the organisation who manages people to develop their inclusive management skills and make a genuine impact on their staff and the university’s organisational culture.

The package is split into 3 elements.

  • The e-learning module (should be done first)
  • The workshop.
  • The bitesize learning modules & one pagers (can be accessed at any time)

The elearning and bitesized learning will be available shortly, but we have the dates for the workshops available for booking now within staff connect

10.00-12.00 – 8th September – FULL

10.00-12.00 – 21st October

13.30-12.30 – 17th November


Inclusive line managers workshop

A 90 minute interactive online workshop applying the key topics introduced in the e-learning module. In this session managers will apply their learning to case studies and have time to practice the behaviours required of an inclusive manager.

By the end of the module learners will;

  • Summarise the e-learning content and their reflections from it
  • Discuss and appraise responses to moments of exclusion, identifying how they would respond
  • Identify their professional development targets for the next 12 months


Inclusive line managers e-learning module
An e-learning module for all line managers to start them on their journey of line managing inclusively. This module will cover the key topics every manager needs to develop their skills as an inclusive line manager.

By the end of the module learners will;

  • Be able to articulate the principles of inclusion in their team
  • Be able to identify methods for managing an inclusive team
  • Be able to identity and mitigate microaggressions

Suite of recorded webinars and accompanying one-pager resources

A suite of 5 recorded webinars of approximately 20 minutes covering a range of inclusion topics. Each webinar module contains a short recorded webinar and a one page document with questions and exercises to promote reflection and discussion. The webinars are around 20 minutes long, and the one page documents should take a similar time to read and complete.

Module topics:

  • Discussing difficult topics as a team
  • Intersectionality
  • Microaggressions and bias
  • White privilege and white fragility
  • Socio-economic inclusion