Thriving at Work – Lunch and Learn Reasonable Adjustments

What do we mean by Reasonable Adjustments?


Lunch and Learn – Monday 28th June 12.00-12.45

As an organisation we wish to create a fully inclusive organisation where all colleagues feel valued, included and supported to reach their highest potential, irrespective of any health conditions and personal circumstances they may be experiencing.


To facilitate this and to meet our legal obligations as part of the Equality Act, the university facilitate positive adjustments in colleagues’ workdays, work environments or ways of working, which takes into consideration their  individual differences providing reasonable adjustments as needed.


To find out more about what is meant by the term reasonable adjustment, what needs to be considered, what different reasonable adjustments can be and how to implement them, please come along to our informal talk via MS teams on reasonable adjustments on Monday 28th June 12-00-12.45 – Bookable via staff connect