New Future of Work programme

A range of bite-sized learning modules designed to help all of us to keep on top of this rapidly changing landscape and adjust to new ways of working.

  "FOWcommsimage" by Dylan Ferreira.

The ongoing pandemic has forced many organisations to reconsider the way they ask their workforce to engage with each other and with customers. As we start to envisage what the future of work may look like, would this be more flexible and hybrid working patterns or new ways of working, our continued success will depend on our ability to support ourselves and each other in adjusting to the ‘new normal’. The reality of remote working is here to stay in some shape or form, and the ability to adapt to the changing ways of working still present challenges to what we do and how we do it.

We have created a new Future of Work online programme of learning which has been designed to offer support for colleagues and to help adjust to the ‘new normal’ whilst building and maintaining a high-performing team and delivering success in the new way of doing things remotely.

The Future of Work programme contains a number of 5-15 minute online courses, as well as resources, tips, tricks and videos so that ourselves and our teams can be as proficient and effective as possible in working remotely while also preparing for what work may look like post-covid.


Leading a Remote Team Covers all aspects from leadership styles to keeping your team motivated.
Remote team performance Offers practical tips on how to enhance performance, connectedness and wellbeing as a remote team.
Synchronous and Asynchronous communication Covers typical workplace communication scenarios, but in a remote work setting.
Prioritisation The basics of prioritising tasks, both for individuals and teams.
Transitioning back to the workplace Looks at some of the worries and concerns you might have about returning to the workplace and how to get support.
Managing pressure in remote teams For managers to be able to recognise signs of work pressure in remote team members and practical steps to take.
Dealing with work pressure Looks at the challenges of working from home, specifically work pressures and wellbeing.
Relaxation Looks at the critical role of emotional wellbeing and its importance in the success of individuals.
Taking care of yourself We focus on the need to keep your own health in mind and explore techniques to help you.


All the courses can be found on Staff Training Moodle.

For further personal support, you can find information on the Employee Assistance Programme webpage or contact Care first on 0808 168 2143.

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