May Accessibility Tour

Accessibility Tour - Kennedy Building

A Summary of the third Accessibility Tour of the Kennedy Building

Accessibility Tour May 2019

Background and Aim of the Accessibility Tour
The Accessibility Tour is an initiative which has arisen from the Disability Staff Network, aiming to better understand the campus experience for disabled members of staff and students.

This is the third Accessibility Tour to take place this academic year 18/19. The aim was to understand the experience for those who will be located in the new Economics building – Kennedy Building.

The group met at the entrance to the Kennedy Building and were shown around all floors by Mark Ashmore, Project Manager, Estates Department.

The building was not occupied at the time of the tour, it was recommended that the tour takes place again in the future when it is fully occupied.

General Observations
The outside of the building is flat, well lit with good landscaping and space provided for accessible parking bays.

Access into the building was via sensor doors which opened with ease for wheelchair users, the foyer is spacious and well lit, providing stairs and a lift for access to upper floors. Individual stairs on the stair case were easily distinguishable. Doors were pass activated or via assisted control.

Space was provided at the top of each stair well for a safe place for wheelchair users for in the event that the fire alarm was to sound. here was sufficient space within the lift for wheelchairs to access and exit the space.

All were pass controlled, windows were on a handle that could be easily reached.

There is sufficient space and turning capacity in each of the Disabled toilets at present. In one cubicle it was noted that there was a baby changing unit and a concern was raised as to where the bins will be located, as these could limit the space available – to be reviewed after occupation. Emergency cords were fitted in all areas that will link to Campus Security and the door closers were tested to ensure that doors could be easily opened and closed – all were ok.

General comments
Overall the new build was accessible, there were a few minor issues found as described, all which can be amended to make work for the building and the staff that will occupy it. A very considerate build.

A copy of the full report will be available shortly.

Further dates for 2019-20 will be issued shortly but we welcome ideas for our next tour routes, please




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