Change Workshops

L&OD - Supporting Organising for Success

New Practical Sessions for Managers and Staff During Times of Change

In support of the launch of the Organising for Success project at the start of the year, L&OD reached out to Senior Leaders at the University with an invitation to provide support through this time of change.

L&OD provided a number of different options to senior leaders of what was available, and as a result, during March the team reviewed and refreshed existing material, and designed and developed new materials for session delivery to commence from the middle of March.

The sessions designed complement the Organising for Success sessions, Leadership Bulletins and other University briefings.

Range of Support Available

Leading & managing change session (1 day) – Bookable via Staff Connect 
Change leadership and handling change effectively
Putting Kotter’s 8 steps into practice
How different people react and how to adapt leadership behaviours

Working in a changing environment session (2 hrs) Bookable via Staff Connect 
Open to all staff
Managing individual responses to change
Personal resilience and responsibility
Maintaining wellbeing during uncertain times

How to support staff through change session (2 hrs) Bookable via Staff Connect 
Understanding the change process
Adapting leadership style and behaviours
Maintaining service delivery
Communication during times of change

Bespoke interventions
Delivering sessions (bite-sized or longer) at school/team meetings
Facilitating group discussions at management meetings and team meetings
Designing appropriate support for those directly affected and those indirectly impacted

Please contact Learning and Organisational Development if a bespoke session is required (


Within each of the sessions we also signpost to other support that is also available to all staff e.g.
Other relevant L&OD sessions (communication, performance development, Crucial Conversations)
Additional University resources (Wellbeing Zone, OH services)
Useful web links and other resources

Session evaluations now being invited via staff connect.