KSAP students nominated for Architects’ Journal Student Prize 2020

A big congratulations to Charlotte Vint and Aubin Torck for their nominations for the Architects’ Journal Student Prize 2020.

Charlotte Vint, Stage 3 BA (Hons) Architecture, was nominated for her project titled, ‘The Echinoid Urban Ruins Activity Centre’.  Charlotte writes, “The activity centre inhabits the ruins of the Lido Complex in Margate; the Echinoid celebrates the Grade II-listed former Clifton Baths through activities that aid in alleviating the current health gap in Cliftonville West. The roof flows out onto the street front, creating an inviting threshold leading both vulnerable citizens of Margate and tourists to congregate, enhancing a unified community. By reopening the Clifton Baths to the public, an urban playground brings cultural enrichment and education of its touristic history, retelling the rise and fall by sensitively celebrating it through rejuvenation.

Sustainably repurposing the waste collected from Margate’s scrapyards through a community drop-off and rewards scheme creates a cleaner urban environment. A sense of locality is achieved through the resources, materials and construction methods, which range from on-site rammed chalk to repurposed mechanical waste used in the proposal. Additionally, addressing a deteriorating coastal complex with rising sea levels required a flood-resilient strategy, which was achieved through a controlled lockgate flood vent system.”

By Charlotte Vint, Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

Aubin Torck, Stage 5 MArch, was nominated for his project titled, ‘Gothic Canterbury Source Market ‘. Aubin writes, “The fire that destroyed the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral provoked a global outpouring of sympathy and unprecedented pledges of support. Amid immediate declarations to rebuild within five years, a wider question arose as to what is 21st-century Gothic. The Source Market takes inferences from the ruins of a citycentre church, lost in the Baedeker Raids, and two subsequent phases of post-Second World War redevelopment.

Sitting at the heart of Canterbury, this new vegetable market is also a barometer of local and national food ‘futures’. The integrated financial Futures Market allows for a regional regulation of crop prices directly linked to the daily supply and demand of the produce within. All aspects of the food cycle are integrated and exhibited, from rooftop aquaponic production, smart crop quality control and storage, to fast-toslow food restaurant, education and coworking hubs.”


Architectural Visualisation student, Adam Lancaster-Bartle, nominated for a Rookie Award

A big congratulations to MA Architectural Visualisation student, Adam Lancaster-Bartle, has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award at this year’s The Rookies; the 10th Annual Rookie Awards celebrates, ‘young creatives in visual effects, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation.’

Adam’s project, titled, ‘What was // What is // What has never been’ looks at Cincinnatti Library (1874-1955), Outhouse (2015) and the Christopher Nolan film, Interstellar (2014) respectively.

In regards to the three projects, Adam writes, “The “Old Main” library, built 1874 by Architect J.W. McLaughlin, was once one of Cincinnati’s most stunning buildings… and one of the country’s most beautiful public libraries. Now it’s a parking garage. The building, which was located in Downtown Cincinnati at 629 Vine St. – just a few blocks from the current Main Library – was demolished in 1955.

Outhouse (2015) by Architects Loyn + Co is a purpose-designed, highly sustainable site-specific live-work home for two artists, constructed as a replacement dwelling in a remote location within the Forest of Dean. The site lies in a sensitive rural location and comprises 4 acres on a south-facing gently sloping, wooded hillside. Winner of the BBC’s Peoples vote for the RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year.

Taking inspiration from Christopher Nolans Interstellar, this project is an adaptation of the Cooper Station, a centrifugal spaceship, spinning on its axis, creating artificial gravity. The conceptual idea behind this project explores the notion of transporting current habitats of earth to a new celestial exoplanet, recognising the various extremes of earth, creating a broad and varied habital range, with the hopes that at least one ecosystem will adapt to its new home.”

You can view more of Adam’s work at our End of Year Show 2020, find out more about Adam’s Rookies entry here, and cast your vote by sharing on Facebook!

Stage 2 student wins The Elaine Lloyd Davis Drawing Workshop Bursary

A big congratulations to BA (Hons) Architecture Stage 2 student, Felicity Pike, for her success in winning one of four bursary places as part of The Elaine Lloyd Davis 5th Drawing Workshop Bursary. The Bursary covers travel and accommodation for a tutored Drawing Workshop weekend taking place in Toulouse in April 2020.

Stage 3 student Ottavia Profumo wins The Gravett Award for Architectural Drawing

The Gravett Award, named after Kenneth Gravett (1930 – 1999), is the award for the best observational drawing or drawings of existing buildings or structures produced during the year by an undergraduate student of Kent School of Architecture.

The Kent Historic Buildings Committee, a specialist unit of CPRE Kent, perpetuates the memory of Kenneth Gravett by offering an annual award to a Kent-based architecture student whose drawn and written work shows evidence of sound observation in the study of a building or group of buildings and displaying high quality of draughtsmanship and presentation.

The prize is designed to encourage the recording of existing buildings by hand-drawing, either in perspective views, orthographic drawings, sketches, or other hand-drawn representations of historic and existing buildings.

This year’s judging panel consisted of:

  • Ptolemy Dean (chair), Architect, Ptolemy Dean Architects, advisor to the BBC 2 Restoration series, and Surveyor of the Fabric at Westminster Abbey
  • Keith Bothwell, Architect and Programme Director BA Architecture, KSA
  • Clive Bowley, Architect and Director, Anthony Swaine Architecture Ltd
  • Stuart Page, Chartered Architect RIBA SCA
  • Fiona Raley, Architect and Associate Lecturer, KSA

This year’s winner of the Gravett Award was awarded to Stage 3 student Ottavia Profumo by John Wotton, Chairman CPRE Kent Historic Buildings Committee. The prize-giving, which took place on Wednesday 7th June 2017, included a celebration of all entrants’ submissions and was also attended by Christine Drury, Chair of CPRE Kent.

Former KSA students receive Congratulations in SPAB’s Philip Webb Award 2016

Britain’s oldest architectural conservation group, The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), which was founded in 1877, have announced the competition results for the Philip Webb Award 2016.

Congratulations were given to former KSA MArch students Jennifer Bull, for clarity and impact of supporting information, and Hannah Couper for articulation of supporting narrative and proposal. Kent School of Architecture has an increasing reputation in the field of architectural conservation, and this is strengthened by our MSc Architectural Conservation programme.

The 2016 competition results were announced in the SPAB Magazine Winter 2016 issue which came out earlier this month, and a feature article will follow in the Spring 2017 Issue, available in March.

For more information about The Philip Webb Award, please click here.

Congratulations to Keith Diplock, winner of the 2014 RIBA Wren Insurance Scholarship

KSA MArch student Keith Diplock has been award the 2014 RIBA Wren Insurance Scholarship. Keith has been selected along with four students from other institutions who will each benefit from a £5,000 bursary and invaluable mentoring from an architecture member of Wren.

RIBA President Stephen Hodder said:

“Congratulations to our fantastic five architecture students on securing a RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarship. The standard of work submitted this year was incredibly high and it was with great difficulty that the judging panel made their decision. The funds and unique mentoring experience now available to Keith, Thomas, Lucy, Rebecca and Victoria will undoubtedly help set them apart from their peers as they advance in their promising architecture careers.”

Keith is currently working at Architecture Project (AP) which is a leading Maltese Architectural practice. He said ‘I am thrilled and appreciative to learn that I have been selected as a recipient of the Wren Insurance Association scholarship. Currently, I am working on Renzo Piano’s City Gate project for a new entry to Valletta; the project includes the new Maltese Parliament building, now nearing completion, for which AP are the conservation and executive architects. I also write the foreign architectural supplement for Design and Lifestyle magazine Vamp. This year I have also contributed the new photography for Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin’s book Bleak Houses which was published last spring by the MIT Press’.

‘Thanks to the generous award of this Wren scholarship, my financial burden has been significantly lightened, and that means that I can focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. The Wren Insurance Association’s generosity has already inspired me to help others and one day I hope to secure a teaching assistant position at the University of Kent, so that I can pass on the knowledge that I have learnt, in my various work placements, to new students. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as I have been helped myself’.

For more information about the Scholarships, please visit the RIBA website.

Kent Architecture Student Matthew Downey wins RIBA prize

Congratulations to Matthew Downey, a student here at the Kent Scool of Architecture who has received a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Matthew, 24, was the winner of the Diploma Prize at Kent. He received his prize from Derek Nicholson, Chair of RIBA West Kent Branch at the School of Architecture’s recent End of Year Show. The Prize is designed to celebrate the talent of architecture students at the University.

RIBA has stated that the judges were impressed with Matthew’s project, which was a design for Millennium Mills – a derelict 20th century flour mill in London’s Docklands. Matthew proposed a new building as a trade centre that would integrate a mixture of societies, combined with a centre for monitoring immigration. ‘By integrating different technical approaches adopted from a culture’s native way of life, such as their traditional construction methods and materials, the cultures can come together to represent a community.’

Matthew has just completed his MArch Part 2 course towards qualifying as an architect at the University of Kent and we wish him a long and successful career.

Emmanuel Owusu awarded a prize for excellence from RIBA

Emmanuel Owusu, a student at Kent School of Architecture has received a prize for excellence from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Emmanuel, 20, was the winner of the Degree Prize at Kent. The Prize, which celebrates the talent of architecture students at the University, is awarded jointly by the Branch and by RIBA West Kent Branch: between them the Branches represent more than 600 architects in the county.

RIBA has revealed that the judges were impressed with Emmanuel’s project, which was a design for an extension to the Centre for Urban Culture in Lille. La Maison Du Hip-Hop aims to celebrate the rise of contemporary hip-hop in Lille and in France as a whole and is dedicated to the professional development of hip-hop artists. The project would rejuvenate an area that suffers from high unemployment and declining manufacturing industries. As Emmanuel says, ‘Inspired by the spontaneity of the street dance battle, the scheme aims to contribute to the great strides taken by Lille to be one of the foremost French and European cities’.

Emmanuel has just graduated from the University of Kent with a BA (Hons) in Architecture and we wish him all the best for the future.