Dr Ambrose Gillick is Principal Investigator for British Academy funded research project

BA (Hons) Architecture Stage 3 Coordinator, Dr Ambrose Gillick, is Principal Investigator for a successful British Academy funded research project titled, ‘British Academy Special Research Grants: Covid-19 – ‘Making-Unmaking-Remaking Home in Lockdown Margate. Co-investigators of the project are Professor Helen Carr (Kent Law School) and Professor Karen Jones (School of History). The research project will run from July 2020 until October 2021.

Dr Gillick writes, “Set in Dalby Square and Gardens, Margate, a vulnerable community disproportionately impacted by Covid-19, this project explores and maps home as process and network in a COVID 19 context using a transdisciplinary methodology drawing on law, history, architecture, health and housing studies. In this project home is understood as simultaneously bounded and networked, a space and a set of processes and relationships. We utilise the focus on home networking and home making-unmaking-remaking that has been the inevitable consequence of ‘lockdown’ to unpack the taken-for-granted understanding of home as a safe haven and explore issues around social and environmental regulation, inequalities, marginalization, vulnerability and dislocation as they have been intensified by COVID-19. We situate these in, somewhat paradoxical, historical understandings of Margate as a ‘haven of health’, and develop a toolkit for a rich and productive understanding of contemporary home making, unmaking and remaking during a global pandemic.”

Dr Ambrose Gillick creates workshop as part of Open City and Celebrating Architecture

BA (Hons) Architecture Stage 3 Coordinator, Dr Ambrose Gillick, recently created a workshop for Open City and Celebrating Architecture, as part of their Learning From Architecture programme ‘of design-based activities for home learning and teachers’. Dr Gillick’s workshop titled, ‘My Town‘ gets children to think about their own dwellings within their home towns, and how it relates to the spaces and places around them, along with the exploring the idea of journeys.

Sir Terry Farrell introduces masterclass at Kent School of Architecture and Planning

Sir Terry Farrell personally introduced a masterclass session at Kent School of Architecture and Planning (KSAP) on Friday 25th October with a talk about his urban design projects. His audience included students from all levels at the School, plus a group of 35 4th and 5th year visiting students from ENSAP (Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture et de paysage de Lille), led by Gilles Maury and his colleagues. Gilles Maury and the school are old friends and partners of KSAP, and their arrival followed a tour around the South East which included visits to Philip Webb’s Red House and Standen, the University of Sussex and the Ditchling Museum of Arts + Craft. The event was planned by KSAP tutors John Letherland and Dr Ambrose Gillick, with the participation of Dr Tim Ireland and Dr Peter Buš.

Sir Terry followed the design session with a lecture at the University organised by the Canterbury Society. His theme was the way in which his own design career had evolved from his earliest landscape paintings of the Northumberland countryside, through his major London projects, his Thames Gateway plan and championing of Kentish towns, to his current large-scale work in China. Sir Terry was introduced to the audience by Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin who played a central role in the Twentieth Century Society’s campaign to protect postmodern buildings in England.


Dr Ambrose Gillick’s project longlisted in the Dezeen Awards 2019

Dr Ambrose Gillick’s project, ‘Happenstance‘, has been longlisted in the Dezeen Awards 2019 in both the Rebirth project category and Installation design category. Happenstance was designed as community space for both adults and children, created as a playful interactive frame that Baxendale created as part of Scotland’s contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2018. Ambrose Gillick, co-founder of Baxendale, recently joined Kent School of Architecture and Planning at the start of 2019 and is now Stage 3 Coordinator of the BA (Hons) Architecture course.

Dr Ambrose Gillick’s project for Baxendale shortlisted for RIBA Journal’s MacEwan Award 2019

Kent School of Architecture warmly welcomes two new academic members of staff, Dr Sylvio Caputo and Dr Ambrose Gillick. Dr Gillick’s recent work in practice, Baxendale Studio, has been not only been shortlisted for the RIBA Journal’s MacEwan Award 2019 but is also gracing the cover of the February issue of The RIBA Journal. Raising the Roof by Baxendale Studio for the Portland Inn Project (2018), was led by artists Anna Francis (Community Maker) and Rebecca Davies (The Oasis Social Club). The project was supported by AirSpace Gallery, Appetite, My Community Matters, Arts Council England, Aziz Foundation and Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Baxendale designed and built the small structure in four days for a project fronted by two local artists, Anna Francis and Rebecca Davies, as a space to teach local children how to make pottery and other making activities, to provide a space of creativity and joy for children and parents in the community and to promote and support local capacity-building enterprises. The form was based around standard scaffold pole lengths and only utilized generic materials in its making. It replicated the size of a room within the Portland Inn which will become a pottery making space in the near future. Click here to view all the projects on the The MacEwan Award 2019 Shortlist.