Dr Ambrose Gillick’s project for Baxendale shortlisted for RIBA Journal’s MacEwan Award 2019

Kent School of Architecture warmly welcomes two new academic members of staff, Dr Sylvio Caputo and Dr Ambrose Gillick. Dr Gillick’s recent work in practice, Baxendale Studio, has been not only been shortlisted for the RIBA Journal’s MacEwan Award 2019 but is also gracing the cover of the February issue of The RIBA Journal.┬áRaising the Roof by Baxendale Studio for the Portland Inn Project (2018), was led by artists Anna Francis (Community Maker) and Rebecca Davies (The Oasis Social Club). The project was supported by AirSpace Gallery, Appetite, My Community Matters, Arts Council England, Aziz Foundation and Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Baxendale designed and built the small structure in four days for a project fronted by two local artists, Anna Francis and Rebecca Davies, as a space to teach local children how to make pottery and other making activities, to provide a space of creativity and joy for children and parents in the community and to promote and support local capacity-building enterprises. The form was based around standard scaffold pole lengths and only utilized generic materials in its making. It replicated the size of a room within the Portland Inn which will become a pottery making space in the near future. Click here to view all the projects on the The MacEwan Award 2019 Shortlist.